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  LLC “MRSU-1” - one of the largest construction companies - has been active since 1997.Legal and actual address:6 Kudrinskoye Shosse, Pushkino, Moscow Region LLC “MRSU-1”s authorized capital totals to 46,000,000 rubles.

  Main area of activity of LLC “MRSU-1”: construction-fitting; balancing and commissioning works; restoration; fitting and setting up of technical equipment for fire and security alarm systems; fitting and set-up of internal and municipal telephone communication lines; development and implementation of progressive technology on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
  Throughout decades of constructive activities has acquired a positive experience in construction, reconstruction and capital renovations of residential and non-residential facilities. High quality of works performed by LLC “MRSU-1”, punctuality and conscientiousness in the performance of contractual duties were noted on countless occasions and levels by the Department of Capital Construction and the property of the Russian MoFA, consulates in countries where the company has carried out its works.

   The required material-technical foundation, a broad work experience, qualified specialists, the use of high-quality materials, and stable perennial domestic connections with business partners allow LLC “MRSU-1” to participate in auctions and tenders held by federal executive authorities, including the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to hold the right to consign governmental agreements for construction, reconstruction and capital renovation of establishments located abroad and other facilities.

  From 1997 to the present day, LLC “MRSU-1” has completed a number of construction and restoration works in over 40 countries around the world, covering over half of the continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

 The company is proud of the results of its works performed in accordance to agreements in Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Denmark, Romania, Sri-Lanka, Madagascar, Serbia and Montenegro, Estonia, Finland, Cuba and numerous other countries.

  The list of projects worked on by LLC “MRSU-1” include unique buildings that are considered to be architectural monuments, as well as Russian and UNESCO cultural heritage facilities, such as the Russian Consulate building in Luxembourg and the Derozhinskaya mansion in Moscow (architect F. O.Shektel, 1901)   urban mansion of I. G.   Naumov, A. S.Olenina, V. V.Dumnov.

  In 2010-2012, LLC “MRSU-1” used its own funds to construct the Church of “All Saints on the Russian Land” in Sofrino, Pushkinskiy Area, Moscow Region.

 LLC “MRSU-1” possesses all the necessary licenses for performing construction activity abroad.

  LLC “MRSU-1” holds:
- license from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for restoration of cultural heritage facilities (historical and cultural monuments);
- license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations for fitting, technical service and reparation of fire safety equipment in buildings and structures, license for restoration of cultural heritage facilities (historical and cultural monuments);
- it is also member of the Association of Employers “Self-regulating Organization ‘Union of construction and fitting organizations’ Stroikorporatsiya”, and member of the ‘Interregional association of architects and planners’.

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