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The mansion of I. A. Mindovsky is an architectural monument in Moscow

I. A. Mindovsky House is a  monument of architecture in Moscow, located at the corner of Povarskaya Street and Skaryatinsky minor street. It was built in 1903—1904 under the design of architect Lev Kekushev. It is a two-storey building with a residential semi-basement floor; it was designed in the Art Noveau style. The mansion and the rail fence are the cultural heritage sites of federal value.

Since 1972 the mansion has been housing the Embassy of New Zealand. It is under the economic management of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia.

According to art experts, Mindovsky House is recognized as one of the best pieces of work by Lev Kekushev and reflects his mature author style.

Perhaps, there were no Moscow buildings in the beginning of the last century not telling about Kekushev project, calling him the reflection of modernist architecture.

Asymmetric composition of the building represents a combination of different-sized prisms. Their relative position made it possible to arrange windows in every indoor premises and avoid dark crossings. The semi-basement floor widening the building at the bottom is faced with stone, hiding the basement. It has unusually rounded walls with huge windows in two floors of non-regular shape and smoothly arched canopies of split-level roof. The main accent of the outdoor façade is the overhanging triadic window on the second floor with archivolt and textured panneau.

Sculptures play an important role in façade decoration. All building facades are richly decorated with puttos, rosettes, mascarons and wall relief sculptures. Kekushev’s author style has the images of lions. Lion masks richly decorate the fencing of the main staircase.

The sculptural composition over the front attic, goddess Aurora pouring out flowers and children playing at her feet, did not survive.
But in 2018 the sculpture of Aurora was reconstructed and returned to its place almost 100 years later.

Architectural Monument.
Historical building and mansion fund.
Urban farmstead of I. G.Naumov, A. S.Olenina, V. V.Dumnov.

Moscow, Malyy Kislovskiy Pereulok, 5А/8 Architectural Monument

Complex capital renovation with the restoration of the architectural monument in Moscow’s historical center. The unique plaster stucco work of the facade and interior, as well as the sculpture groups on the roof have been reconstructed. Original farm roof structures were completely repaired. The parquet floors have been restored using designer sketches. Engineering equipment and networks have been completely replaced.

Architectural Monument.
Historical building and mansion fund.
“Derozhinskaya Mansion” - architect Shekhtel, F. O.

Moscow, Kropotinskiy Pereulok 13.

Complex capital renovation with a restoration of the historical building. Reconstruction and restoration of unique interiors and decorative elements of the building originally erected in 1901. Most of the elements were made to look as initially designed. Unique elements of the wooden walls, ceiling and staircases, stone fireplace portals, sculptural groups, ceramic facade decor, and metal fences were completely restored. A significant fraction of the equipment was manufactured by individual, custom order, taking into account the interiors’ specifications.

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